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Cello rosin

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  • Rosin: Hidersine 3C

    Cloth mounted light rosin. 20gm. Suitable for school or student use. More Info
  • Rosin: AB

    Dark cello rosin in green cloth. Suitable for school and student use. More Info
  • Rosin: Art Kraft (dark)

    Good quality dark rosin in brown cloth pouch. Suitable for student and professional use. More Info
  • Rosin: Pirastro Rosin (violin/viola/cello)

    Professional level rosin available in various types. Suitable for instruments and levels. More Info
  • Melos Sticky Cello Rosin

    Melos Sticky cello rosin is softer than the Melos Dark rosin and “bites” the strings stronger. More Info
  • Melos Light Cello Rosin

    Melos cello light is a high quality rosin used for "smooth" playing or for solo in chamber music. Most suitable for use in warmer temperatures (Spring or Summer). More Info
  • Melos Dark Cello Rosin

    Melos cello dark is a high quality rosin used more in low temperatures (autumn or winter), for full-tone playing, in an orchestra, or for great solo concerts. More Info
  • Rosin: Larsen

    Very high quality rosin made by the Danish string maker Larsen. Special production method designed to avoid allergic reactions. More Info
  • Andrea Solo Cello Rosin (Small)

    Andrea Rosin is the result of years of tireless research by the celebrated Korean Violinist and Violin maker Andrea Bang. More Info
  • Andreas A Piacere Cello Rosin

    Andrea A Piacere rosin (previously named Tartini GREEN) provides effortless bow control with even, silky sound production. Known to produce a smooth tone with minimal surface noise, the rosin has a strong grip and subtle effect. More Info

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