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4/4 cello by Paul Bailly,1876

4/4 cello by Paul Bailly,1876

This instrument was made for the Reims exposition by Paul Bailly, and is an exceptional example of his craftsmanship. It is an adaptation of Stradivari's forma B-piccolo, showing the same maturity and understanding of Stradivari's intentions that is otherwise rarely seen on French instruments of the period. This excellent and rare cello features a mellow sound under the ear, with enough projection to fill a concert hall. It has been in the same family for many years and little used. It is therefore in almost mint condition. This cello is finished with golden-brown oil varnish.



- Label: 'Exposition Industrielle Regional de Reims 1876/Paul Bailly Luthier a Mirecourt (Vosges) nomme/ Luthier de l'Academie de Musique de Douai ancienne/ouvrier de M. J.B. Vuillaume de Paris'

- Length of back: 760mm

- String playing length: 695mm




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