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Violin strings

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  • Stringers Basic strings

    As used on Stringers Standard violin outfits. ONLY AVAILABLE IN EDINBURGH OR ONLINE. More Info
  • Piranito (Pirastro)

    As used on Stringers Student violin outfits More Info
  • Vision (Thomastik)

  • Helicore (D'Addario)

  • Crystal (Corelli)

  • Tonica (Pirastro)

  • Dominant (Thomastik)

  • Synoxa (Pirastro)

  • Aricore (Pirastro)

  • Vision Solo (Thomastik)

    Vision Solo violin strings by Thomastik. Standard set includes aluminium D, and tin plated E with removable ball More Info
  • Warchal Amber Violin Strings

    4/4 Warchal violin strings have a rich and warm sound. Using a newly developed core material, they have the texture and sound quality of gut strings without the tuning instability. More Info
  • Eudoxa (Pirastro)

  • Obligato (Pirastro)

  • Evah Pirazzi (Pirastro)

    Evah Pirazzi Violin Strings More Info
  • Peter Infeld Violin Strings

    A perfect blend of power and elegance with a rich spectrum of sound colours and a high dynamic range. More Info
  • Evah Pirazzi with gold E (Pirastro)

    Evah Pirazzi Violin Strings More Info
  • Passione (Pirastro)

  • Evah Pirazzi Gold (Pirastro)

    Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold violin strings More Info
  • Oliv (Pirastro)


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