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Stringers Outfits

Stringers prides itself on providing the best quality of instrument for every level of player. For the benefit of children, students and amateur players we have developed a range of Outfits (instrument, bow and case) which are available in violin, viola, cello and double bass.


There are five Outfit levels which range from violins, violas (including viola conversions) and cellos suitable for beginners of any age, to the level of instrument that might be required by an advanced student.


Stringers Outfit instruments are made to our own specifications by trained craftsmen, from solid tonewoods.The instruments are set up and adjusted in our on site workshops to ensure that the bridge height and curve is correct; the soundpost is in the correct position and that the pegs and tuners turn smoothly. The bows are also checked to ensure that the stick is straight and strong, the hair is of good quality and that the screw mechanism is in good working order.




Standard Outfit

A budget starter Outfit with wooden bow and basic lightweight case, carefully checked in our workshop. Available online or from our Edinburgh shop. (This Outfit is not included in our Part-exchange Scheme.)

Student Outfit

Set up in our workshop, hand-fitted bridge, carbon composite bow, Pirastro strings and an excellent sound. Lightweight shaped case for violin and viola, and soft case for cello, both with rucksack straps.

Superior Outfit

Workshop-made instruments, quality fittings, superior level of bow. Styrofoam case (violin and viola) and lightweight semi-rigid pod case (cello). Both with rucksack straps.

Symphony Outfit

Hand finished instruments. Pirastro / Larsen strings and a brazilwood bow. Violins and violas in D shaped cases with rucksack straps and cellos in fibreglass cases, also with rucksack straps.

Soloist Outfit

Handmade instruments to exacting standards. Pirastro/Larsen strings, deluxe brazilwood bow. Violins and violas in oblong cases with rucksack straps and cellos in carbon fibre cases, also with rucksack straps.

Viola conversions

Specially adapted violins which make a true, rich viola sound. the Stringers viola conversions come in Standard, Student and Superior levels.

Double basses

Available to order in all sizes, starting at the Standard level.


Special offers

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Hire & Part-exchange Schemes

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