Cello by Charles Gaillard, Paris, late 19th  Century

Charles Gaillard was born in Mirecourt and worked between 1851 and 1880 in Paris. He was the first apprentice of Gand in Paris and established thereafter independently, initially in the Faubourg Poissonnière, and from 1865 at 20 rue Notre-Dame de Rouvrance. His work was fine and in the Gand style, some modelled on Guarneri. Gaillard varnished generally without shading or artificial ageing; thin textured orange-brown colour.



GAILLARD, Luthier Elѐve/de BERNARDEL de Paris


  • String length: 692mm

  • Length of back: 757mm

  • Upper / lower bout: 340mm / 437mm

Varnish description: Medium red golden varnish