Cello by Joseph Laurent Mast, Toulouse, C.1830

This cello is now sold


Joseph Laurent Mast (1779 - 1830) was the son and pupil of Jean Laurent Mast and after leaving Mirecourt, established independently in Toulouse around 1800. His work was more classically graceful than that of his Father, although still recognisably Mirecourtian. Widely scooped arching of medium height, quite flat across the centre. Rather narrow and upright soundholes, elegantly shaped. Purfling mitres deflected strongly across the corners. Traditional Mirecourt yellow varnish but also a better orange red recipe. Good materials. Some instruments with painted and decorated backs. Also prolific guitar maker. Branded internally and beneath.


Label: Does not bear any internal label


  • String length: 679mm

  • Length of back: 735mm

  • Upper / lower bout: 346mm / 434mm

Varnish description: Medium brown