Lyra 5 String Electric Violin [Ex-Display]

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The Lyra is Bridge's 5 string electric violin, also available as the Lyra Octave option. Although visually removed from their acoustic counterparts these electric violins retain all the essential reference points for an easy transition. Very popular with both professionals and amateurs, Lyra offers the benefit of a violin and viola combined into one instrument, ready to plug and play or use unplugged for low volume practise. Easily linked to effects units, looping stations and recording devices, these instruments are perfect for your own entertainment and performance with no feedback.

Standard Option

  • hollow moulded carbon and kevlar composite body
  • maple neck and headstock
  • Bridge proprietary pickup and pre amp
  • tone and volume controls
  • industry standard 1/4" 6mm mono jack output
  • ebony fittings
  • Wittner tuner tailpiece
  • Thomastik dominant strings with D’Addario C string

Lyra Octave Option

The Lyra 5 string electric violin is also available as an octave violin. Unlike its acoustic counterpart, these violins can successfully generate much lower frequencies than expected for their size. Using our frequency dedicated circuity and specialist octave strings tuned an octave down, the bass register is now available to the violinist. The bridge and nut are carefully shaped to accommodate the heavier strings for an easy transition.

What's Included

Both the Lyra 5 string electric violin options come in an oblong case, with a black canvas cover, large music pocket and 4 bow holders. A black fibre bow is included.


  • The body: The body is hollow, moulded from a kevlar and carbon fibre composite giving a high strength to weight ratio. It is smooth and forgiving when played presenting an open sound without the use of reverb or delay and allows low volume practise without the use of headphones or amps. Highly stable across temperature and humidity ranges.
  • Headstock: Inspired by a Stradivari 1701 Viola da Gamba and modified to the modern sized peg box this headstock has become the trademark of ‘Bridge’. The distinctive shield, through peg box and neck is carved from a single maple block.
  • Pegs and Strings: The high quality ebony pegs are professionally fitted to give a smooth tuning action. The Lyra is fitted with Thomastik violin Dominant strings with a D'Addario Helicore C string. The Lyra octave is fitted with specialist octave strings designed to perform an octave lower at the violin string length.
  • Fingerboard and Nut: The ebony fingerboard and nut are shaped to modern orchestral measurements and traditionally finished.
  • Chinrest: This is a Dresden style chinrest. The style may vary but will always be of an equal quality.
  • Tailpiece: This is a Wittner lightweight alloy tailpiece fitted with integral tuners.
  • Endpin: Ebony endpin in keeping with the high quality ebony fittings on this instrument.
  • Bridge: The bridge houses the ‘Bridge’ pick up system, a piezo crystal configuration, designed specifically and only for use with our instruments. It is designed to pick up both the string vibration and the body resonance generated from the hollow composite body. Utilising all the properties of a traditional acoustic bridge it captures the warmth of tone synonymous with its acoustic counterpart, with no feedback.
  • Battery Holder: The battery holder is located neatly on the underside of the instrument and powers the Bridge Active Circuitry. It houses a 3V coin cell battery, which keeps the instruments light, is readily available and easy to fit. It provides approximately 3000 hours playing time, and only drains whilst the jack is connected.
  • Active Circuitry: Each model has its own sophisticated active circuitry, frequency dedicated to each model and designed to perform in conjunction with the ‘Bridge’ pick-up system. It supplies power to drive effects and radio packs and puts the string player on equal footing with every other amplified instrument in the band. The bespoke Lyra Octave circuitry is designed to support the frequency register of the octave strings.
  • Jack Socket: ¼ inch jack - industry standard. The switch jack system automatically switches the active circuitry on and off as the jack is inserted or removed. It is carefully positioned and angled to avoid drag and interference from the cable. We have also ensured that the angle and proportions are compatible with all common wireless solutions.
  • Controls: All our electric range of instruments carry a volume and tone control, easily accessible for quick adjustment during performance. The tone control is a tilt control, not a boost/cut control, changing the tonal range of the instrument.


  • Construction
  • Body Length 358mm
  • Neck Stop 130mm
  • Body Stop 195mm
  • Weight 550g approx

Set Up

  • Nut width 27mm
  • String spacing at nut 20mm
  • String spacing at bridge 39.0mm
  • String tunings standar C G d a e’
  • String tunings octave C, G, D A e


  • BRIDGE pick up Piezo Configuration
  • Active surface mount pre amp
  • Instrument Output 100mV nominal
  • Load Resistance 10K Ohms minimum
  • Battery 1 x Lithium 3V CR2032
  • Battery life playing time approx 3000 hours

Designed by the Bridge Luthiers UK

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