Educational Department

Stringers recognises that purchasing an instrument is an important decision for parents, students and adult beginners. Our Education Department provides violins, violas (including viola conversions), cellos, double basses (in Edinburgh only) and accessories from beginner to student level.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff (all of whom are string players and many of whom are also ex-teachers) are available to help and advise.

Children and young people are more likely to respond to the challenge of learning a stringed instrument if they can take pride in a well set up, attractively presented instrument which is comfortable to play.

Sizing children and young people

It is vital that children play on musical instruments of the correct size which are properly set up. Playing on an instrument of the wrong size can cause physical strain and discomfort which can be very discouraging. Please use our Size Guide in selecting a suitable size Stringers instrument.

Our stock of small violins, violas, viola conversions and cellos range from basic level to very fine examples for children who reach an advanced standard at an early age - with a lot of choice in between.

Helping you to decide which level of instrument to buy

It is helpful if customers have an idea of their budget / price-range before visiting the shop to try out instruments. It can be difficult if a child or student falls in love with an instrument which is beyond the means of the purchaser.

We carry an extensive stock of student level instruments from £100 to £5,000. Stringers Outfit instruments represent excellent value for money and are supplied inclusive of bow and case.

Our Part-exchange Scheme enables customers to change the level and / or size of their musical instrument as they progress. Otherwise, our Hire Scheme provides a good alternative for those who do not want to invest in an instrument. Our experienced staff are happy to offer help and advice to parents, pupils, students and teachers.

Helping you to look after your instrument

At the point of purchase or hire all Stringers instruments are supplied with a leaflet entitled How to Care for your Instrument.

Staff are also happy to give general advice either by phone or in person on the care and maintenance of instruments and bows.

VAT-free Assisted Purchase Scheme

Pupils at state schools are eligible to buy new instruments through this scheme which involves considerable savings (this service is at the discretion of individual schools). Please contact us for further information.