Perpetual Double Bass Set

Product Code: 345020

  • Extremely flexible rope core steel strings
  • Tremendous volume and clarity
  • Easy and comfortable left hand feel
  • Highly articulate and dynamic response
  • All strings are chrome steel wound on a uniquely designed and extremely flexible high-tensile steel rope core.
  • Tremendous projection and clarity, a powerful and focused low end gives way to a full, sophisticated upper register.
  • Very consistent and precise pizzicato attack with an additional punchiness on the lower strings.
  • Extremely energetic with very little effort and a juicy right hand feel when played pizzicato, yet strong and complex with good stability under the bow.
  • Highly articulate bow response without being brittle
  • Breaks in quickly with excellent stability
  • Mainly developed for pizzicato, the new Perpetual double bass strings are also for arco players looking for a precise and clear tone with a wide variety of dynamics.
  • SOLO SET: The Perpetual Solo Set works very well as an arco classical string for Solo Bass material.
  • The strings are colourful, projecting, and have a consistent clean attack, with a wonderful singing quality.
  • Available in Orchestral tuning and Solo tuning
  • Size: 3/4
Variations: G Stark and D Stark

The Perpetual double bass G and D „Stark“ use a completely new design which offers a very full, clear and complex sound with a much thicker diameter compared to the Perpetual G and D „Mittel“ – these are the thickest G and D strings in our double bass steel string program. The Perpetual G and D „Stark" are great for pizz and arco and the string tension is only slightly higher than the string tension of the Perpetual G and D „Mittel“. They blend beautifully with the Perpetual A and E „Mittel“ or any other string combination where thicker G and D strings are desired.

Perpetual Possibilities

As string makers, the first question we are usually asked when we introduce a new set of double bass strings is what style of playing are they most suitable for? With our new Perpetual bass set, we would like to encourage the players to decide for themselves. Mainly developed for pizzicato, the new Perpetual double bass strings were designed to provide the player with a comfortable left hand feel, fast articulate response, and strong energetic tone.  Using a new uniquely designed extremely flexible steel rope core, the Perpetual double bass strings provide incredible stability and tremendous power. With a little adjustment on the players end, the voice can be manipulated to suit a wide variety of styles.  A powerful and focused low end gives way to a full, sophisticated upper register.

When played arco the Perpetual bass has a clear yet complex tone with an intense power that can be felt by the musician as well as the listener. With their effortless left hand feel and an astonishingly quick bow response, the Perpetual allows the player to practice for long periods of time with little fatigue.

In closing, at PIRASTRO we know very well that no individual bass set is suited to fit every player and every style of music but cordially invite you to discover the Perpetual possibilities of this unique 21st century string set.


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