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T6 Viola Bow

Product Code: VAB-ARC-T6
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Arcus T6 Viola Bow - Stringers Music

T6 Viola Bow

Stringers Edinburgh

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7 York Place
Edinburgh EH1 3EB
United Kingdom


With a sound on par with the finest wooden bows ever made, but costing only a fraction of those, the T6 is probably the most reasonable of all bows we are making. It's really no surprise that the 6-class bows have always been our best selling models.

Mounting: 935 Silver
Stick: Round
Weight: c. 60g
Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

The T-bows are designed to precisely fit medium sizes violas and the best modern strings. If the string length of your instrument is around 37 cm, they should fit perfectly. The warm and brilliant sound of the T-bows allow to find new sound colours in your instrument. The combination of a low weight and a mass distribution towards the tip and heel provide a fantastic combination of agility and stability.