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P9 Violin Bow

Product Code: VNB-ARC-P9O
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Arcus P9 Violin Bow - Stringers Music

P9 Violin Bow


Stringers Edinburgh

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7 York Place
Edinburgh EH1 3EB
United Kingdom


Every year only a small fraction of Arcus' P-stick come out with the divine vibration characteristics required to become a P9. Every one of them delivers a marvellous sound with absolute clarity, silky response and an unlimited overtone range and superb power and projection.

Mounting: 585 Gold
Stick: Octagonal or Round
Weight: c. 53g
Frog: Selected Snakewood

For more powerful sounding, brighter violins, Arcus has developed the P-series bows. An especially resilient stick allows the playing of double stops in fortissimo without the stick touching down on the strings. To draw a warmer, deeper sound, some weight has been added, but the P series are still significantly lighter than traditional bows, keeping their advantage in agility and speed. The P-bows with octagonal sticks are especially lively and bounce almost automatically while the round version are especially steady and follow the hand precisely.