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OW Polish

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OW Polish

OW Polish

Stringers Edinburgh

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OW Polish is a paste to finish your instruments. It contains cleaners, polishes and soft abrasive components.

Use OW Polish when the varnishing process has ended and the varnish has become hard.  Old Wood Polish smooth and polish the surface providing an attractive and bright finishing.

When the smoothing have finished, use Italian Cream to enhance the final results.

60 ml

To reach the optimum finish of the instrument, Old Wood recommends softly rubbing down the varnish.
Old Wood Polish eliminates the small imperfections on the surface and provides a long lasting and shiny finish.

Before sanding the final varnish film, it is very important to be sure that the film has completely dried and has hardened. If not, a light turbid aspect could occur.

OW Polish must be applied with a clean lint free cloth, this is better if it is natural tissue. Put a small quantity of the product on the cloth and spread the polish with circular movements while applying a small amount of pressure. It is important to be very careful in this process, especially on the edges and on the scroll, avoiding removing the varnish.

When finishing, clean the surface with a clean cloth to remove any deposits of the product from the instrument. Then, it is recommendable to polish the surface with the Italian Cream. Rub the product with a smooth clean cloth, then clean the surface with a clean cloth.

Italian Cream enhances the natural shine of the varnish and provides a silky touch. This product can be used for the musician for the usual cleaning and maintenance of the instrument.

Old Wood also provides the Ebony Polish for ebony wood. It is used as Old Wood Polish (but finishing the
process with the Italian Cream it is not recommended).

OW Polish
OW Polish Sale price$29.00