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S6 Cello Bow

Product Code: VCB-ARC-S6R
Sale price$2,485.00 Regular price$2,854.00 Save $369 (13%)

For many years the S6 has been Arcus' best selling cello bow. It is perfect for orchestra and chamber music, for pro players as well as advanced amateurs and students who want a perfect bow. Its sound is on par with the finest and expensive old French bows, yet it is more powerful and easy to play.

Mounting: 935 Silver
Stick: Octagonal or Round
Weight: c. 68g
Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

The brilliant tone and high resiliency of the S-series make them the ideal bows for large and dark sounding instrument like for example Goffriller and Montagnana models. Their superior projection and power allow you to cut through the most demanding concert halls and to match any pianist or violinist that might get carried away. The S-bows with octagonal sticks are expecially bouncy while the round ones follow your hand with utmost precision.