Cello by workshop of Hardie, Edinburgh, c.1810

Matthew Hardie was one of several makers, including Lockey Hill and John Furber, to use an adapted design, based upon a 1690s-period Stradivari pattern. This cello incorporates elements of the same pattern and the influence is keenly felt in the pattern of the soundholes. The mahogany or cedar linings are an indicator of Hardie's workshop, although the method of extending them around the corners is unusual. Numerous Scottish violin makers were associated with Hardie's workshop at one time or another including David Stirrat and William Ferguson, and it is common to find instruments showing the collaboration of several hands. The scroll is original and possibly demonstrates the hand of William Ferguson. 


Label: Does not bear any internal label

Further details:

  • Two-piece back


  • String length: 675mm

  • Length of back: 740mm

  • Upper / lower bout: 345mm / 428mm

Varnish description: Light brown