Viola by Albert Claudot, Dijon, 1966

Born in Mirecourt, Albert Claudot was a maker of fine instruments in the early twentieth century. After working with his uncle, Francois, he established his own workshop in Dijon in 1936. His instruments are typically modelled after the style of Stradivari and Guarneri. Claudot's expert workmanship is clearly apparent in this impressive instrument, which possesses a clear, bright and powerful sound. It is finished with rich, red oil varnish on a golden ground and is in an excellent state of preservation.



Albert CLAUDOT, Luthier
á Dijon 1966 No 99 (66 and 99 handwritten)


  • String length: 373mm

  • Length of back: 419mm

  • Upper / lower bout: 195mm / 245mm

Varnish description: Rich, red oil varnish on a golden ground