Violin by Nestor Audinot, Paris, 1897

Nestor Dominique Audinot (1842-1920), son and pupil of Léopold Audinot, worked with Sébastian Vuillaume in Paris 1863-1868. He established his own shop at 17 Faubourg St Denis but on Vuillaume’s death in 1875 returned to take over his business at 17 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle. Audinot retired on independent means in 1908, passing the firm to E. Corvisier. A prolific maker, his instruments are of consistent quality and made precisely to reliable classical models, most commonly late Guarneri del Gesù.

This violin is a superb example of the maker's work and is in very good condition. It features a brilliant, rich tone and Audinot's typical fine, even and transparent orange-red spirit varnish.

N. Audinot / 17 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle Annee 1897
Number 691

Signed on the label

Length of back: 356mm

String playing length: 328mm