Violin by Andrew Smillie, Glasgow, 1923


Andrew Smillie (1879 - 1948) was the son, pupil, and assistant of Alexander Smillie. He is credited with 200 violins, as well as some violas and cellos. One of the last makers of the distinguished 19th century Scottish school. Worked alongside his father and succeeded to the business at St George’s Road 1919. The shop continued after Andrew’s death, managed by his daughter Ina until 1977. Very fine work, similar to that of his father, but in some ways superior, being generally lighter and slightly more delicately worked.

This violin appears in David Rattray’s book “Violin Making in Scotland 1750-1950”, a copy of which is offered with the sale. In the book he describes this instrument: “This finely crafted Smillie violin of 1923 compares well to his father’s flat-arched model, but the build is slightly lighter… On this example the dark, umber varnish has developed a fine patina…”

David Rattray, Violin Making in Scotland 1750-1950