Violin by Gustave Adolphe Bernardel, Paris, 1895

Gustave Adolphe Bernardel (1832-1904) was born in Paris. He joined his father in about 1849, and succeeded to the business with his brother and Eugène Gand in 1866. When Ernest retired the shop became Gand et Bernardel, Gand leaving in 1892, and Gustave himself retiring in 1901. The business then passed to Caressa and Français. The shop is one of the most illustrious in Parisian violin making, and continued as ‘Caressa & Français’ and latterly ‘Français’ in the late 20th century. A centre of expertise and restorations, and first class in the production of all instruments.



Luthier du Conservatoire de Musique
No 1734 Paris 1895

(1734 handwritten and 5 on the year handwritten)


  • String length: 327mm

  • Length of back: 358mm

  • Upper / lower bout: 166mm / 207mm

Varnish description: Dark red