Violin by George Pyne, London, 1913

George Pyne (1852-1921) from West Ham, London was a violinist and maker. He worked for Edward Withers for 20 years and is credited with about 500 violins and violas on classical Cremonese models. Very finely finished and accurate work. Used spirit varnish at first. Later adopted an oil recipe, but generally of a plain pale golden-brown colour.



GEORGE PYNE Maker. London
Anno, 1913

Further details:

  • Inside, above label, handwritten: “G. Pyne - London”

  • One-piece back

  • Made to a slim Amati model


  • String length: 328mm

  • Length of back: 357mm

  • Upper / lower bout: 161mm / 205mm

Varnish description: Light golden brown