Violin by W. E. Hill & SOns, London, 1889

Charles François Langonet (1861-1929) trained with Alexandre Delanoy in Mirecourt where he was singled out by J. B. Vuillaume as ‘a future Stradivarius’. Invited by W. E. Hill & Sons in 1880 to join their workshops in Hanwell, West London where he remained for the rest of his life as foreman, with the exception of wartime military service in France. During his service with the 94th regiment he continued to carve scrolls, and played the clarinet in the band. He produced many fine instruments for Hills; copies of good classical examples. He was also renowned as a fine restorer.

This violin of 1889 is a very fine copy of the Tuscan Stradivari. It represents the very finest standards of violin making in England during this period. The tonal characteristics of this perfectly preserved violin are of a woody and intensely brilliant quality.



William E. Hill & Sons
Makers, 38. New Bond Street
London. 1889 Jpo18 (89 Jpo18 handwritten)

Further details:

  • One-piece back

  • Copy of Tuscan Stradivari

  • Fingerboard number: K 629


  • String length: 326mm

  • Length of back: 356mm

  • Upper / lower bout: 165mm / 206mm

Varnish description: Golden orange