Violin by Nicolas Lupot, Paris, 1823

Among the great French violin makers, Nicolas Lupot deserves special recognition for his talents. Known as the French Stradivari, Lupot trained with his father François in Orléans before moving to Paris in around 1796.

Lupot is known as the French Stradivari not simply as a way of acknowledging his superior finesse and skill as a maker, but also to convey the marked stylistic commonalities between their works. The influence of Stradivari can be seen early on in Lupot's instruments, but once Lupot moved to Paris he had ample opportunities to study and imitate the Cremonese master's great works, and found an eager audience for them. His excellent interpretation of Stradivari no doubt fanned the flames of interest in Cremonese models that persisted through the 19th century in France. In 1813 he was appointed violin maker to the imperial chapel of Napoleon, which in 1815 became the royal chapel with the restoration of the French monarchy.

Label: N Lupot Luthier de la Musique du Roi / et de l'Ecole Royale de Musique / Paris 1823
Length of back: 364mm
String length: 326mm
Upper bout: 170mm
Lower bout: 210mm