Violin by Giuseppe Pedrazzini, Milan, 1928


Giuseppe Pedrazzini (1879-1957) was born in the village of Pizzeghettone near Cremona. In 1903 he moved to Milan where he appears to have taught himself violin making, with some advice from Romeo Antoniazzi. Pedrazzini went on to produce some of the finest instruments in early 20th-century Italy, both in craftsmanship and tone quality. His work, often based on personal interpretations of Stradivari, Guadagnini and Amati, is exceptionally refined and precise. Scrolls are deeply carved and the curves of the bouts show an attractive symmetry.



Giuseppe Pedrazzini
fece in Milano l'Anno 1928 (28 handwritten)


  • String length: 327mm

  • Length of back: 354mm

  • Upper / lower bout: 167mm / 204mm

Varnish description: Medium brown crackled varnish