Violin by Dante & Alfredo Guastalla, Reggio EMilia, 1925

This violin is now sold

Dante Guastalla was born in Reggio, Italy in 1893. He was elder brother to Alfredo Guastalla and pupil of Scarampella in Mantua. He worked alone in Reggiolo briefly before his brother joined his workshop. This violin is a superb example of the calibre of craftsmanship by Guastalla Fratelli. It is in good condition, featuring dark oil varnish and a deep, powerful and rich sound, even across all registers.

Label: Fratelli Guastalla / Liutai / Dante e Alfredo Guastalla / in Reggiolo Emilia / Stamped 2 May 1925 (name is handwritten, date is stamped).

Length of back: 14" / 357mm

String playing length: 330mm