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Stringers Instruments & Outfits

Stringers Instruments & Outfits


Our violin, viola, cello and bass outfits consist of an instrument, bow and case and are available in five levels; Standard, Student, Superior, Symphony and Soloist. All are made to our own specifications by trained craftsmen, from solid tonewoods and set up expertly in our own workshops by our experienced luthiers.

These outfits are a great choice for those taking their first steps with a stringed instrument as well as those progressing further into their musical journey.

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Standard Violin OutfitStandard Violin Outfit
Best SellerStudent Violin OutfitStudent Violin Outfit
Superior Violin OutfitSuperior Violin Outfit
Superior Violin Outfit
Sale price$512.00 Regular price$579.00
Stringers ChoiceSymphony Violin OutfitSymphony Violin Outfit
Symphony Violin Outfit
Sale price$718.00 Regular price$795.00
Soloist Violin Outfit
Soloist Violin Outfit
Sale price$1,188.00 Regular price$1,265.00
Master Violin OutfitMaster Violin Outfit
Master Violin Outfit
Sale price$1,859.00 Regular price$1,935.00
Superior Violin - Instrument OnlySuperior Violin - Instrument Only
Stringers ChoiceSymphony Violin - Instrument OnlySymphony Violin - Instrument Only
Soloist Violin - Instrument Only
Master ViolinMaster Violin
Master Violin
Sale price$1,291.00
Best SellerStringers Student Viola Outfit - Stringers Music
Stringers Superior Viola Outfit - Stringers Music
Superior Viola Outfit
Sale price$697.00 Regular price$780.00