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Set Up by Stringers

This instrument is set up professionally in our in-house Edinburgh workshop by our expert luthiers. It is then sound-tested and tonally adjusted in conjunction with our playing staff. Only once we are satisfied the timbre, playability and appearance are optimised is the instrument made available for sale to our customers.

What is a setup?

A violin, viola or cello setup refers to the playing action of the instrument; the interaction between the bridge, soundpost, strings and their other contact points including the nut at the top of the fingerboard and the tailpiece and saddle. The setup is critical in the production of sound as well as determining playability. Many student instruments are sold with a basic factory setup, without being checked, tested or improved at all. Not only does this limit the instrument's timbral potential, but also the way the instrument can be played, often inhibiting progress and instilling poor playing habits.