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Amber Bass Rosin

Product Code: LTW-BASROS-20
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The Amber Range helps Double Bass players find the exact combinationof stickiness, grip, traction & lyrical quality to suit their playing needs.

These recipes do not dry out like other rosins and one recipe would last 1-2 years with intensive playing. You can also mix them on the bow for a more customised result.

Amber Double Bass Rosins are supplied one per pack. Please order two if you would like to mix and match.

Use the recipe grade chart (above) to choose your desired recipe. When you receive your rosin:

  • Carefully separate the walls of the rubber cup from the rosin
  • Lift the rosin slightly out of the cup or peel down sides of cup
  • Keep your fingers touching the sides of the cup, not the rosin
  • Apply with fast and strong bow strokes, with heavy pressure on the rosin.
  • Swipe towards the centre of the rosin to avoid chipping
  • For best use, apply 2 - 5 swipes as required.
  • To melt your rosin back into shape, just sit it in the cup on a flat surface in a warm environment or window sill and it will gradually melt back into the shape of the cup. Then allow it to cool and harden before using again

A recent trial group of professional bass players made the following general comparisons:

  • 35% was similar to Nymans
  • 45% was similar to Pops
  • 50% was similar to Oak

Please keep in mind that these comparisons have not been decided through any formal trial or research, and are just the collective opinion of a small group of bass players on one particular day. This group were indoors with an ambient temperature of about 23°C. All Leatherwood's recipes will feel different depending on the climate (temperature) they are tried in.

Amber Bass Rosin
Amber Bass Rosin Sale price$34.00 Regular price$39.00 Save $5 (13%)