C3 Bass Bow

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German Bassbow C3

The perfect replacement bow for professional musicians and excellent for advanced students or amateurs: The C3 bassbow has the same stainless steel equipment as the C4, and has almost the same beautiful sound.

French Bassbow C3

The C3 offers excellent playing characteristics and a beautiful open sound. Its stainless steel outfit looks elegant and is extremely robust.

The Müsing bass bows are designed to be your best friend, never failing you, whatever the circumstances. They not only offer an exceptionally clear and open sound, but also excellent response and projection like few other bows.

They bounce easily, but are very easy to control at the same time. Besides that, they are virtually indestructible and their unique stainless steel outfit will still shine like new in a hundred years.


Müsing bows are 100% made in Germany in a unique process from 3-D-woven carbon fibre and are the perfect replacement for endangered pernambuco and a major step up from simple carbon bows.

Carbon Fibre

The fibres of Müsing bows are braided seamlessly, resulting in a very uniform and smooth structure. Carbon is the perfect replacement for pernambuco wood which is protected since 2008. Compared to simple carbon bows, Müsing bows offer a crucial improvement when it comes to sound and play.

The Perfect Bow

When Müsing designed the bows for the violin family they did not only take reference from traditional bows. They want their bows to match the setup of today's instruments and 21st century strings, as the interaction between bow and string is the determining factor for the playability of the bow.


To achieve ultimate durability and reliability Müsing has developed a new stainless steel outfit. The winding, underslide and ferrule are all made from stainless steel, which will look great even after decades of intense playing. The button is cut from solid aircraft grade aluminium, as are the bearings that provide the mechanism with the most durable and easy function. The frog is cut from fine ebony, the slide and eyes from beautiful mother of pearl.

Ergonomic frog and button

Müsing is constantly trying to improve and to optimize its bows to adapt them perfectly to your needs. Thus, they have worked out an ergonomically optimized design that allows easier and more comfortable handling of the bow. Both, the Müsing C3 and C4 bows are each available in this modern design. Depending on whether you prefer to position your thumb in front of or inside the frog while playing, you might find the modern or classic shape of the Müsing Frog more comfortable.

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