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Dynamo Viola C String

Product Code: DY24
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Thomastik DYNAMO | Perform like you never have before.

Viola SET | Includes strings: DY21, DY22A, DY23, DY24

VIOLA 4/4: Vibrating string length 37,5cm | 14,8"

What makes DYNAMO so special?

Thomastik has developed its latest violin and viola strings with lots of passion and patience. And the outcome is even better than we dreamed of.

Why? Because the new DYNAMO combines qualities you can’t usually find in one set:


  • Broad sound & an excellent response.
  • Wide dynamic range & you can modulate sound colors all along to their full extent.
  • Sound great on most old & new instruments.
  • Their sound will blow away the musician & the audience.

Ideally suited for:

  • Orchestra players
  • Chamber musicians
  • Soloists

“DYNAMO strings allow my violin to develop a new depth of sound. The spectrum of tone colors becomes considerably more complex while the sound remains constant.”
DANIEL STOLL, Violinist of the Vision String Quartet

“The sound quality of the DYNAMO set remains at the level of a new set until the end of their lifetime.”
SERGEI DOGADIN, International prize-winning violinist