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Rondo Gold Violin Set

Product Code: RG100
Sale price$135.00 Regular price$142.00 Save $7 (5%)

How RONDO® Gold strings work their magic:

The RONDO Gold strings offer a warm, shiny sound. The strings add a little extra golden glow to your performance. These strings are also recommended for instruments that could benefit from an improved response.

Similarities and differences are between regular RONDO® strings (RO100) and RONDO® Gold (RG100):

Both sets offer easy playability and are suitable for professionals and ambitious violinists. They differ mainly in their sound character – the RONDO® Gold strings sound significantly warmer and shinier than the regular set.

VIOLIN 4/4 - vibrating string length 32.5 cm | 12.8"

Key features:

  • Removable Ball End
  • Medium gauge
  • Warm sound
  • Focussed responce

Full Set contains:

  • RG01 Carbon steel Tin-plated removable ball end Removable Ball End
  • RG01AU Carbon steel Gold-plated removable ball end Removable Ball End
  • RG02 Synthetic core Aluminium ball end Ball End
  • RG03A Synthetic core Silver ball end Ball End
  • RG04 Synthetic core Silver ball end Ball End