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Stretto Spare Bags

Product Code: VA048
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The Stretto Humidifier Spare Bags come in a pack of 4 to ensure a longer-lasting use. They are easy to use as no maintenance is needed in order for these bags to be used to their full potential. The bags effectively humidify for up to two weeks and when it's needed to rehydrate the bags, simply re-soak them in water.

Sudden changes in humidity can cause your string instrument to crack. The replaceable humidifier bags are needed to be placed inside a special vapour-emitting container, which eliminates any possibility of water making contact with the instrument.

Usage: Up to two weeks
Number of Bags: 4
Instrument Type: Violin/Viola or Cello

For Stretto Humidifier and Stretto Humidifier with Digital Hygrometer