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Tuning Fork

Product Code: PWTF-A
Sale price$13.00

The D'Addario Tuning Fork makes it easy to tune any instrument by ear by providing an extremely accurate A reference pitch. Perfect for tuning all string instruments.

  • Precision-designed to offer extremely accurate tuning
  • Molded, ergonomic comfort handle is easy to hold
  • Color-coded O-rings allow easy key identification
  • Fits easily in any instrument case
  • Durable chrome plated finish
How to Use a Tuning Fork

To use a tuning fork, simply hold the base with one hand and gently tap the pronged side against a solid surface, like your knee or a chair. The fork will resonate and create a specific pitch, commonly A (440hz), which you can then match to the string(s) that needs to be at that pitch.

Why Do Musicians Use a Tuning Fork?

Musicians use tuning forks because they are an accurate way to find the pitch needed to tune your instrument and they do not require a power supply. The sound is also lasting and consistent, even with one hit.