M9 Violin Bow

£6,489.00 £7,070.00

The M9 delivers a truly amazing sound spectrum like from a different world. It plays absolutely effortless and is thus the ideal bow for soloists that prefer to play not too heavy handed. It can pull an incredibly open and powerful sound from a delicate old instrument and from all rather light built violins.

Mounting: 585 Gold
Stick: Round
Weight: c. 51g
Frog: Selected Snakewood

The M-series bows combine a slightly more flexible stick with a beautiful, modern looking frog. Its higher, slanted front provides the thumb with an especially comfortable rest and improved control. Its sound is perfectly balanced and especially open, which takes the lid off more closed-sounding instruments. Its more flexible stick feels especially great to players that prefer a light bow hold and smoother bowings.

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