T9 Viola Bow

£6,533.00 £7,545.00

Arcus say their 9-class bows are the most improbable bows ever made. "When we happened to find the first ones among a batch of new stick we had just made, we instantly knew that something really special had happened. You will find just the same when you first put a T9 to a string, but it will also never cease to amaze you."

Mounting: 585 Gold
Stick: Round
Weight: c. 60g
Frog: Selected Snakewood

The T-bows are designed to precisely fit medium sizes violas and the best modern strings. If the string length of your instrument is around 37 cm, they should fit perfectly. The warm and brilliant sound of the T-bows allow to find new sound colours in your instrument. The combination of a low weight and a mass distribution towards the tip and heel provide a fantastic combination of agility and stability.

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