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C4 Viola Bow

Product Code: MUS-C4CVLABW
Sale price£833.00 Regular price£957.00 Save £124 (13%)

We pre-rosin our bows with premium rosin so you can play straight away. If you would like your bow unrosined please check the box below.

Fasten your seat belts and be prepared for an unique experience. This bow could easily become your preferred bow, even if you own some very expensive traditional bows

Traditional viola bows are sometimes not strong enough for modern strings and can be too heavy for a comfortable and fast playing. To solve this problem Müsing have made their viola bows significantly stronger. With a weight of about 62 grams they're also much lighter.

They safely catch the C-string in fast passages and provide incredible fast string crossings. Unlike many wooden bows their sound is neither nasal nor noisy, but clear, full and open.