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Cecilia Signature Formula Viola Rosin

Product Code: CSFVA
Sale price£51.15

Signature Formula is the new flagship formula of CECILIA Rosin Collection which provides a unique bowing sensation when in contact with the string and a clearly defined reaction.

This rosin is the most significant new development for the most demanding musicians that works well with a small amount on a wide range of repertoire. It helps the bow to create rich, full and expressive tones without excessive bite.

Standard size comes in a cardboard box with rosin spreader (CRS) included. Small size does not.

  • Available Sizes: Standard and Small
  • Physical Hardness (1-5): 4
  • Articulation: String and Rounder
  • Projection: Strong
  • Tone Characteristic: Rich, Full, Warm
  • Workable Extreme Climate Condition: Hot, Cold, Humid
Cecilia Signature Formula Viola Rosin
Cecilia Signature Formula Viola Rosin Sale price£51.15