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Classic Violin G String

Product Code: JAR-CLA-VNGM
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Classic Violin G String

Classic Violin G String


Stringers Edinburgh

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7 York Place
Edinburgh EH1 3EB
United Kingdom


Jargar Violin strings are made of superior quality materials by skilled string makers. The flexible steel core results in a voluminous, well-balanced tone and easy playability. The artist will discover the right features in this versatile string line to produce a distinguished sound for every kind of music.

The violin strings come in three different tensions Forte, Medium and Dolce. The E string is made both in the ball and loop end version.

E 0,27 mm 0,26 mm 0,25 mm
A 0,46 mm (5,8 kp)
0,45 mm (5,4 kp)
0,44 mm (5,1 kp)
D 0,73 mm (6,1 kp)
0,72 mm (6,0 kp)
0,71 mm (5,7 kp)
G 0,76 mm (5,0 kp)
0,75 mm (4,9 kp)
0,74 mm (4,8 kp)