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Customised Strings

Product Code: 190000
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Pirastro Customised plain gut strings
  • Strings for historical instruments
  • Brand "Chorda": traditional, plain gut string
  • Polished with absolute precision across its entirety, the string is precisely the same diameter at all points. This gives the musician the potential for perfect intonation.
  • Total string length 125 cm (49.21 inch)

Historical instruments continue to have a large fan community. The joy of discovering an old partita, or trying out an original instrument – acts which are exciting for an musician – are often quite problematic for string manufacturers.

The variations amongst baroque and renaissance instruments are so wide that offering a standard string is impossible. Therefore, we have developed a program which allows you to choose a string that suits best with your instrument. We would be delighted to help you to make your choice or to offer you a custom made string.