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D.S. Finkel Viola Bow

Product Code: No.490
Sale price£2,675.00 Regular price£3,075.00 Save £400 (13%)

We pre-rosin our bows with premium rosin so you can play straight away. If you would like your bow unrosined please check the box below.

Fine viola bow made by Master bow maker Daniela Finkel. Daniela Finkel continues the bow craft in the fifth generation of the Finkel family.

  • Round stick in selected finest Pernambuco with silver mountings and silver face
  • Fully mounted polished ebony frog with pearl eye and ring
  • Three-piece silver over ebony button, solid silver wire winding
  • Goat skin thumb leather
  • Mongolian horse hair
  • Weight c. 70g
  • Branded “D.S.Finkel”
  • Ideal for professionals and advanced students.