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Dominant Pro Viola C String

Product Code: DP24
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Dominant Pro Viola C String

Dominant Pro Viola C String

Stringers Edinburgh

Click & Collect available, usually ready in 24 hours

7 York Place
Edinburgh EH1 3EB
United Kingdom

  • For PROfessionals
  • For orchestral musicians and soloists
  • Extremely rapid response
  • A sound like chili chocolate – dark and warm with overlays of slight sharpness
  • Smooth timbre transition between the individual strings

Thomastik-Infeld DOMINANT PRO® NO.DP200: For all you pros.

Thanks to their vast dynamic range, Thomastik-Infeld DOMINANT PRO® strings are suitable for orchestral musicians as well as soloists. That is because they can handle the entire range of dynamics, from piano (p) to fortississimo (fff), and the use of high bow pressure.

DOMINANT PRO® can also assert itself optimally in large orchestras or in a quartet if required, but is also easy to play in piano (p).

DOMINANT PRO® is the name of the fastest and most direct response in the entire universe – and every parallel universe.

DOMINANT PRO® has a dark and warm sound that embraces the player and the audience. The superimposed slight sharpness brings a tingling contrast to the sound image.

Despite the wide range of tonal colors, DOMINANT PRO® creates a smooth transition that ideally combines the specific timbres of the individual strings.

What makes Dominant Pro so special?

DOMINANT PRO sound darker, more focused and respond more directly than Dominant strings. Despite their direct response, they give musicians the possibility to create a broad range of sound colours. The string tensions have been increased by an incremental amount to adapt the resistance to bow pressure to suit the extended playing requirements of musicians without overburdening their instrument.

DOMINANT PRO strings assert themselves very well against the sound of an entire orchestra and with corresponding dynamics and a capacity for modulation, they also offer excellent possibilities when used in chamber music.

Vibrating string length: 37,5cm | 14.8“

Strings included in this set:

DP21 - A STRING: Due to the very good balance with the D-string, the DOMINANT PRO® NO.DP21 does not stand out from the set, but blends harmoniously into the overall sound picture. It also has a very minimal nasal component, is easy to play and provides long-lasting pleasure with its extended tonal lifespan.

DP22 - D STRING: The D-string’s job is to create a homogeneous sound with the A-string and a harmonious bridge to the G-string. The NO.DP22 succeeds at this with its easy response, pronounced brilliance and assertiveness, as well as the dark basic timbre with mezzo-soprano components typical for the viola.

DP23 - G STRING: Thanks to the resonant, full-bodied sound foundation with an airy, light overtone range and direct response, the G-string NO.DP23 is a harmonious and strong partner to the D-string, but also creates the ideal bridge to the C-string, which completes the set with its strong sound foundation and slightly metallic component. The G-string acts as a mediator between the strings and creates a smooth transition that ideally combines the special timbres of the
individual strings.

DP24 - C STRING: The C-string NO.DP24 is responsible for the bass part of the set. Even at such a low pitch, it convinces with a large sound volume and the fastest response. Its slightly metallic overtones provide perfect projection.