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Air 1.7 violin case

Product Code: 303.210.003
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Side Handle:

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Air 1.7 violin case

Air 1.7 violin case

Black High Gloss / With Side Handle

Stringers Edinburgh

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United Kingdom


Made in Germany, featuring a specially developed thermoplast shell this violin case has an extremely high break-resistance. Weighing c. 1.7 kg without accessories it offers the best insulation characteristics with only 0,025 W/mK thermal conductivity. It is Gewa's best light-weight protection yet, with a padded suspension system and Gewa's patented swivel type holder and flexible bow holder.

It also features a useful detachable accessory pocket, 2 detachable neoprene rucksack straps for high carrying comfort and inside black velour padding, along with a protection blanket and combination lock.

  • Made in Germany
  • Specially developed thermoplast-shell
  • Extremely high break-resistance
  • Weight ca. 1.7 kg without accessories
  • Outstanding isolation characteristics, only 0.025 W/mK thermal conductivity
  • Light but still offers optimal protection
  • Padded suspension system
  • GEWA patented swivel type holder, flexible bow holder
  • Useful, detachable accessory pocket
  • 2 detachable Neoprene rucksack straps for supreme carrying comfort
  • Inside black velour padding, protection blanket
  • Combination lock

The GEWA AIR series incorporates the best ideas, developments and innovations from decades of case manufacturing.

Each case is a masterpiece of engineering art and at the same time, a fine piece of design.

All models are manufactured with the proprietary GEWA Air Shell Technology. It guarantees an enormously high resistance to breakage, as impacts are absorbed by slight deformation, similar to cars. In addition to this stability, the special manufacturing process ensures highly effective insulation against temperature fluctuations and weather. Due to the materials used, the cases are enormously light, despite their resistance.

In detail:

The outer skin and inner shell of the GEWA Air-Cases are moulded independently of each other. This results in tremendous possibilities for the surface design and interior decoration in the first production step.

Then the two shells are joined together in a special process using 2K foam under pressure. This separation means that neither mechanical loads nor temperature fluctuations can reach the valuable contents of the case, but the outer shell is still flexible enough to absorb shocks.

All models in the GEWA Air series have exceptional, valuable properties and are available in many different shapes, colours and designs.


The best thing that can happen to your instrument.

The GEWA Air series includes an extensive selection of beautiful cases for violin, viola and cello. The award-winning design alone makes this series completely unique. But as is so often the case, the true value is multi-layered.

If you look deeper, you will find the inner values of every GEWA Air case underneath the stylish appearance: firstly, there is the GEWA Air Shell Technology, which has been proven time and again to perfectly protect the instruments and is what makes this series so unique and innovative.

The combination of look and function is complemented by excellent fittings with high-quality features. These include - depending on the instrument type - the floating suspension system, the swivel-type bow holder and the mechanical neck pad, all developed and patented by GEWA. Of course, there are also plenty of comfortable carrying options, protective inner linings, combination locks for safe storage and other details that clearly show:
GEWA Air is THE series for the protection of your stringed instrument.

This case is also available with a side (otherwise known as subway) handle.

Air 1.7 violin case
Air 1.7 violin case Sale price£455.00 Regular price£542.00 Save £87 (16%)