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Goldbrokat Premium Violin E String

Product Code: G.1051.26.B
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Ball or Loop-end:

For the GOLDBROKAT PREMIUM Optima use a new special steel which quality and sound characteristics set new standards. The surface is extremely uniform, the string has a very good resonance. Its sound is brilliant but yet warm. Insensitive to external influences, this string has a very long durability. Also the GOLDBROKAT PREMIUM is available in all scales with ball or loop end, in 5 different gauges.

  • G 1051 24 e' Premium Steel 0,24mm x-light
  • G 1051 25 e' Premium Steel 0,25mm light
  • G 1051 26 e' Premium Steel 0,26mm medium
  • G 1051 27 e' Premium Steel 0,27mm hard
  • G 1051 28 e' Premium Steel 0,28mm x-hard