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P6 Viola Bow

Product Code: VAB-ARC-P6O
Sale price£1,990.00 Regular price£2,171.00 Save £181 (8%)

We pre-rosin our bows with premium rosin so you can play straight away. If you would like your bow unrosined please check the box below.

The P6 enjoys great popularity with violists all around the world. Its sound is on par with the most expensive classical bows, its playability and comfort is unmatched. This is a great bow at a very moderate price.

Mounting: 935 Silver
Stick: Octagonal or Round
Weight: c. 57g
Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

The P-bows with their very strong stick and balanced sound are the perfect match for all large violas with a string length around 38 cm (15") and over. They draw a sound that is clear and strong, rich in overtones and projects perfectly. Arcus make them with octagonal and round sticks. The octagonal bows feel very lively and agile and bounce almost automatically. The round one's have a more steady feel and follow the movements of the right hand with utmost precision.