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Violin Chinrest

Product Code: VA190-24
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Violin Chinrest

Violin Chinrest

New - Carbon Composite clamp / 24mm / Ebony

Stringers Edinburgh

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7 York Place
Edinburgh EH1 3EB
United Kingdom


The SAS chin rest is remarkable, allowing for modern playing technique without affecting the individuality of handling the instrument. Its fabrication is compact, yet perfectly elegant in design.

The importance of wood as natural material without varnish is conspicuous, while the precious metal segment is goldplated. It is therefore health-conscious, as the chin piece is in constant touch with the skin. The new chin piece is superb and ideal also because it reaches over the tail piece. This way it offers several manners of holding the instrument. It is fixed above the violin block and it could be tightly screwed in. This model of chin piece is definitely going to become popular very soon, as it is suitable for everybody, from complete beginners to leading maestros.

The new 2023 model features a super-lightweight (6 grams) hypoallergenic carbon composite clamp, rather than the gold-plated clamp of the older model.

Pictured (first 6 images) - ebony 28mm carbon composite version.

Dimensions of wooden part

Wooden part is manufactured in four heights, according to different performers needs:

  • 24 mm
  • 28 mm
  • 32 mm
  • 35 mm
Adjusting of metal part

SAS chin rest may be adjusted to all types of violins and violas, from 28 to 55 mm.


The new SAS chin rest is unique because of its mobility and the adjustment of the metal transverse slope segment, thereby following the required ergonomics standards. The mobility of the SAS chin rest enables the players to adjust the hold according to the individual preferences and wishes. Whoever has tested the piece so far, expressed open enthusiasm and the chin rest has become inevitable in their playing.

Violin Chinrest
Violin Chinrest Sale price£44.70 Regular price£49.49 Save £4.79 (10%)