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T5 Cello Bow

Product Code: VCB-ARC-T5
Sale price£1,560.00 Regular price£1,683.00 Save £123 (7%)

We pre-rosin our bows with premium rosin so you can play straight away. If you would like your bow unrosined please check the box below.

The T5 has all that will make him a true classic: Warmth, brilliance, agility, stability, a great bounce, really good looks and perfect robustness. Like all Arcus bows it offers the most comfortable playing, never tiring your bow arm. Do we need to mention that you can travel the world without restrictions and that it will work perfectly in every climate?

Mounting: 935 Silver
Stick: Round
Weight: c. 71g
Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

The T-bows special characteristics is a sound that combines great warmth and depth with a wide range of overtones and brilliance. The elasticity of the stick is precisely matched to modern steel core strings and while they feel soft when playing lightly, their stiffness kicks in when power and intensity are required. All this makes them the perfect all round bows for every repertoire and setting.