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T6 Cello Bow

Product Code: VCB-ARC-T6
Sale price£2,030.00 Regular price£2,215.00 Save £185 (8%)

At the price of the T6 you would normally not expect to get a bow that plays and sounds in the same league as wooden bows that cost 10 times as much, but this is indeed what these bows offer. No wonder they are our best selling class, being played by many orchestra pros as well as amateur players and students.

Mounting: 935 Silver
Stick: Round
Weight: c. 71g
Frog: Beautiful Snakewood

The T-bows special characteristics is a sound that combines great warmth and depth with a wide range of overtones and brilliance. The elasticity of the stick is precisely matched to modern steel core strings and while they feel soft when playing lightly, their stiffness kicks in when power and intensity are required. All this makes them the perfect all round bows for every repertoire and setting.