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Dominant Pro Violin E string

Product Code: DP01
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Dominant Pro Violin E string

Dominant Pro Violin E string

Tin plated

Stringers Edinburgh

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Dominant Pro follows Thomastik-Infeld’s tradition of low-tensioned strings with an honest sound character. Adapted to modern players’ demands, it supports a soloistic performance with its high resistance to bow pressure, its enhanced focus and warmth.

The Dominant Pro set DP100 delivers focus, warmth and outstanding projection with a fast response for a modern playing style. It is designed to enhance the character of the iconic Dominant strings with extended natural modulation possibilities and to adapt their traditional concept of low-tensioned strings to modern standards. This improves the instrument’s free projection capacity in a sustainable manner.

After stringing, the Dominant Pro impresses with a more bell-like ringing sound. While maintaining a well-balanced and open brilliance, the set quickly develops its distinct warmth and focus.

These strings immediately respond to bow impulses and can handle strong bow pressure at a slower bow speed. This allows players to shape a focused sound within a wide span of dynamics for both a gentle and powerful projection. When choosing Dominant Pro, professionals won’t have to compromise when creating rich sound colours at a high volume.

To cover different instruments and playing styles, Dominant Pro offers a wide range of strings. With various E-string options and an alternative D-string and A-string, you can modify the character of the other strings in the regular set DP100.

DP01 | Tin-Plated - Included in Set

The plain DOMINANT PRO® E-string NO.DP01 with a core of carbon steel is tin-plated. A protective layer of nickel is placed between the outer coating of tin and the steel core in order to increase the corrosion resistance compared with conventional tin-plated strings.

The string has a very good response, barely whistles, and is well-balanced in its brilliance and warmth. It supports the equilibrium with the A-string and promotes its capacity to carry sound. A specially developed wire treatment makes the sound soft enough that it does not have a screeching effect, and brilliant enough that it offers sufficient radiance, projection and resistance to bow pressure. Despite its small diameter, the string sounds broad and brilliant even without applying much pressure.

DP01AU | Gold-Plated

This gold-plated E-string generates a very warm, clear sound that simultaneously conveys brilliance. In addition, the string is extremely corrosion-resistant. In contrast to NO.DP01, the sound is as clear as a bell and the individual sound colors can be clearly and individually distinguished. Combined with its great capacity for projection, this allows it to assert itself very well in orchestras or in chamber music as required.

If the system as a whole (instrument, rosin, bow hair and bowing) has a tendency to whistle, NO.DP01AU may not be the ideal choice. In this case we recommend NO.DP01. As always, when using a fine tuner hook, it is crucial to make sure that it is always “deburred” (= the sharp edges are filed down), otherwise the string at the fine tuner end can break more easily than normal tin-plated strings.

DP01PT | Platinum-Plated

Of all DOMINANT PRO® E-strings, NO.DP01PT has the greatest projection capacity. It combines the clarity of the gold-plated NO.DP01AU with the response of the tin-plated NO.DP01. Like NO.DP01AU, NO.DP01PT is also extremely corrosion-resistant, but has less of a tendency to whistle and offers more brilliance in comparison. Due to its outstanding projection capability and clarity, it can be unsuitable for sensitive ears.

As a result of its larger diameter (0.268 mm as opposed to NO.DP01 and NO.DP01AU with 0.265 mm), NO.DP01PT offers more resistance to bow pressure and is also better suited to a very low string action. When using a fine tuner with NO.DP01PT, make sure that the sharp edges are rounded down.

DP01SN | Tin-Plated

In comparison to the other E-strings, NO.DP01SN has a smaller diameter and is therefore ideally suited to instruments with a normal or high string action. In comparison to the standard NO.DP01, NO.DP01SN is not underlaid with nickel and is therefore somewhat more susceptible to corrosion. Thanks to a thicker layer of tin, however, it sounds warmer than NO.DP01 and much warmer than NO.DP01AU and NO.DP01PT.

It also has the lowest string tension of all DOMINANT PRO® E-strings, which means that almost no strain is exerted on the instruments and they can be greatly opened in terms of sound. This leads to a good bow response and also promotes the instrument’s radiance. Its low string tension means that it has the lowest resistance to bow pressure of all the DOMINANT PRO® E-strings.