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Dominant Pro Violin String Set

Product Code: DP100
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Dominant Pro Violin String Set

Dominant Pro Violin String Set

Stringers Edinburgh

Click & Collect available, usually ready in 24 hours

7 York Place
Edinburgh EH1 3EB
United Kingdom


Dominant Pro follows Thomastik-Infeld’s tradition of low-tensioned strings with an honest sound character. Adapted to modern players’ demands, it supports a soloistic performance with its high resistance to bow pressure, its enhanced focus and warmth.

The Dominant Pro set DP100 delivers focus, warmth and outstanding projection with a fast response for a modern playing style. It is designed to enhance the character of the iconic Dominant strings with extended natural modulation possibilities and to adapt their traditional concept of low-tensioned strings to modern standards. This improves the instrument’s free projection capacity in a sustainable manner.

After stringing, the Dominant Pro impresses with a more bell-like ringing sound. While maintaining a well-balanced and open brilliance, the set quickly develops its distinct warmth and focus.

These strings immediately respond to bow impulses and can handle strong bow pressure at a slower bow speed. This allows players to shape a focused sound within a wide span of dynamics for both a gentle and powerful projection. When choosing Dominant Pro, professionals won’t have to compromise when creating rich sound colours at a high volume.

To cover different instruments and playing styles, Dominant Pro offers a wide range of strings. With various E-string options and an alternative D-string and A-string, you can modify the character of the other strings in the regular set DP100.